A few reasons

why hoteliers
choose Ivy over Zingle

Named a market leader by HEDNA and the only guest messaging platform funded by Google, see why more hotels and resorts are using Ivy to stay connected with their guests.

  • The only hospitality technology company
    that is backed by Google

Ivy vs Zingle: Head to Head

Ivy generates better results than Zingle but only requires half as much effort from your staff. Ivy’s analytics offer real-time transparency into your operation anywhere, anytime. Your staff will be happier and more empowered with Ivy as their smartconcierge.

Ivy is Trusted by Leading Hotels & Brands


Proven to improve hotel metrics:

Ivy has been shown to increase Guest Satisfaction scores, boost TripAdvisor reviews and create opportunities to generate additional revenue. Thanks to Ivy’s speed-of-service, the average resolution time for guests served through Ivy is measured in seconds, not minutes.


The highest automation rate:

Ivy uses artificial intelligence to understand and respond to more than 50% of messages, freeing the front desk staff to spend their time bonding with guests and creating individualized experiences.


Upsell opportunities:

Ivy encourages guests to stay local by informing them about on-site amenities like room service or spa treatments, as well as organizing late check-outs, extended stays, and restaurant reservations.


Ivy amplifies the staff’s capabilities:

Because Ivy’s AI handles so many frequently asked questions, the staff is free to spend time with guests, creating memorable experiences from check-in to check-out.


Ivy streamlines your hotel operations:

We’ve built Ivy specifically to address the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Ivy enhances the hotel staff by automating repetitive tasks, such as courtesy calls, and streamlining ticketing services.


Friendly & consistent messaging:

Ivy provides guests with instantaneous service that’s helpful and consistent. She offers courteous, straightforward responses that accurately address guest inquiries.


Ivy reflects your hotel’s personality:

Ivy matches the tone and personality of your staff, making her a true part of the team. Guests who have used Ivy are often so happy with their experience, they believe she must be a real person and have even tried to leave her a tip for going above and beyond.

Why Your Hotel Needs Ivy