Ivy takes care of

pre-arrival check-in mid-stay check-out messaging for you.

How does Ivy work?

Ivy is our AI powered digital concierge.


Easily communicate with guests before they’re even on property. Early check-in requests? No problem. Room ready notifications? Ivy, our digital concierge, has you covered.


Instantly greet guests by their name as soon they arrive, making guests feel welcomed while also practicing contactless hospitality.


Automatically check up with guests throughout their stay to assess their satisfaction, and encourage your happiest guests to leave positive reviews. Promote on-site amenities like F&B, spa or excursions.


Eliminate lines and create a safer, more convenient check-out experience for guests. Our guest messaging platform makes late check-out requests simple and convenient for both guests and staff.

Analyze & Refine

Use our real-time enterprise analytics to understand when your successes and pitfalls are. Resolve issues immediately and survey your guest to boost repeat visits.

Discover Ivy Experience Suite.

Find out how your guests can text questions, access exclusive offers, pay bills and more using their own phones.

Extended stays? Late checkouts? With Ivy Offer, you can treat your guests to all these offers via text on their own phones.

With Ivy Webchat, you can either answer your guests questions in less than 1 second or offer them a menu the most commonly asked questions.

Automated lead capture – Collect visitor information and contact method and have these delivered through email with our CRM integration.

Analytics suite – With a detailed report on messages and metadata from previous conversations, you can follow up directly with your guests.

Make it easier for your guests to settle their bills on checkout. Or pay for that additional night. With Ivy Pay, your guests can do this on their phones.

Ivy Pay can make payments easier still for your guests – through Google Pay® or Apple Pay® your guests can pay with one click.

At your end, triggering payment requests takes one click too. You also get instantly notified when your guest has completed payment.

Assured security and compliance – Payments are initiated via text and completed in a secure mobile app. Stripe, the payment processor, is PCI Level 1 and GDPR compliant. You can access analytics, transaction history, and credit card processing charges directly in Stripe.

Ready to make Ivy work for you?

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